About Us

Open since 2016 and offering a menu of juicy burgers, hand cut fries, and freshly made milkshakes, Al's Beach Club & Burger Bar is everything you could ask for when it comes to a beachfront burger joint—but we don't stop there! After all, when you come out to the beach, you're expecting fun; and if we didn't take that SUPER serious, who would? Kicking things up with tasty toppings to make your perfect burger all about you, all that juicy goodness would hardly be complete without our menu of shakes so thick, creamy, and tasty that you'll forget you're a grown-up, so be sure to leave your maturity at the door!

Made famous (for REALS, people!) by our Travel Channel-featured Key Lime Pie milkshake and Island Chicken Sandwich, we've also got adultified, alcohol-infused shakes that make even the suckiest day seem worth it (because sometimes reality is harsh, you know?), serving up the perfect flavor escape for everyone, even if you've got a beef with beef! Come to Al's for the food and get ready for the fun! From live concerts and games on the sand to magic shows and movies on our big outdoor screen, whether you're an insta-addict or a selfie queen, we've got something that'll give everyone on your social feed a major case of FOMO!