Wonder Park

🎞️ • Movies on the Beach • "Wonder Park" • 🍿

Head down to Al's Beach Club on the Boardwalk and join us in front of our giant inflatable movie screen right on the beach! 🏖️ Gather the whole gang, grab one of our delicious milkshakes and make magical memories with your loved ones under the star-lit sky, there's no better way to celebrate springtime than at our spectacular 🎞️ Movies on the Beach 🎞️ seaside screening spot!
• We are all getting in touch with our glorious imaginations with this amazing, warm-fuzzies-filled film!
💭 Tonights Feature: ✨
"Wonder Park"
"June, a girl with a wild imagination, makes an incredible discovery: a fantastical amusement park filled with fun-loving, talking animals. Facing a horde of Chimpanzombies who are intent on breaking in and ruining their newfound joy, June joins forces with her furry friends on an unforgettable journey to save the park of their dreams."

🍿 Movies On The Beach: "Wonder Park" 📽️